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Allan's diverse experience in computing includes heading major projects in software development tools, programming language environments, messaging systems, and ecommerce protocols. Most recently, he has worked on defensive patent analysis for several law firms, technical due-diligence for a top-tier venture capital firm, and security-oriented design reviews for several start-up companies. Allan has been a regular speaker at industry and academic conferences, given frequent lectures and tutorials on computer security, and holds several patents.

Allan was founder and chief technical officer of Terisa Systems, the pioneering developer of ecommerce security software. Terisa Systems merged with SPYRUS, a provider of high-value cryptographic products, where he served as chief technologist. Before Terisa Systems, he was chief technical officer at Enterprise Integration Technologies (EIT) where he led the company's trailblazing work in Internet payment and security, was the vice-president of technology at ParcPlace Systems, and held senior positions at Schlumberger Research and the Fairchild Laboratory for AI Research. Allan received his M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.